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“He looked at me like I was crazy. Most of my lovers do, and that’s partly why they love me, and partly why they leave.”

— Jeanette Winterson (via versteur)

i want to be slutty but only with one person u feel me


I wanna be Leslie Knope when I grow up

I hate the feeling when someone stops talking to you or is acting really cold.

You really want to know what’s up if you’ve annoyed them or if they have inevitably replaced you with someone else or if they have realised your too high maintenance and given up on you.

But you can’t send another message because you don’t want to look as if you care about them too much as that might push them away even more. So you just try and deal with the empty pain and stare at your phone.

It’s really sad i’ve lost close friendships with everyone at uni now. Everyone’s like acquaintances these days.

At least 9 months till I move onto a new chapter in my life.


repeat after me: 

  • virginity is a social construct 
  • you don’t lose your virginity 
  • there’s nothing valuable or precious about virginity, it’s an imaginary concept 
  • virginity is inherently heterocentric 
  • your worth is not defined by whether or not you’ve had a dick inside you
  • what you define as sex is up to you, you get to decide how many people you’ve had sex with 
  • the end 

“I’m ashamed of myself because I know I should be better and I have no idea how to get there.”

— I Don’t Know Where to Go From Here (via elizabthstonem)